Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to receive inspirational message

To receive inspirational messages and to become a member of Prayer Partners Around the World (PPATW)an  interactive Spirit-filled Born Again Christian online community which promotes a proactive Spirit-filled Christ-like daily walk with God and share the gospel to ALL as soldiers, ambassadors and ministers of reconciliation, please request to be added as a friend of PPATW For Christ our Facebook account and we also have My Space, Twitter using  (ppatw1@yahoo.com) and Windows Messenger, Bear Share & Skype all for the glory of GOD!  or request to be added to one of these 5 Yahoo Messenger id's 1) queen.jeff (main id); 2) queen_jeffrey; 3) jq8654; 4) ppatw1 or 5) ppatw3. On Yahoo Messenger we have chat, voice chat, prayer, and group Bible Studies!

Here's our link:


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