Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When you know that God has a calling on your life and you are walking in the Holy Spirit in obedience to that calling, you must expect demons of opposition, who will use anything and anybody to try to stop you from living that life TOTALLY for the Lord! It is Satan’s device to attack those who are on fire for the Lord, those who are Holy Spirit filled and led and living for JESUS everyday. In actuality we are the ones who need to attack against Satan's kingdom which is this temporary wicked world. True children of God, must become BOLD for the Lord and be sowers of the seed, planting the seed of salvation through our KING JESUS. This is how we attack those foul demonic spirits by taking back what belongs to God which is His love, MANKIND. We can not afford to stand idle and allowing the forces of evil to throw every weapon against us, our most POWERFUL and LOVING Father in heaven will fight our battles but we must be obedient to the calling in our life. We are ambassadors, soldiers and ministers of reconciliation, reconciling our unholy lives back to our HOLY Father through the cleansing blood of the Lamb, JESUS CHRIST!  

We at PPATW (Prayer Partners Around The World) met up against one of those demons of opposition and through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, HALLELUJAH!!! We kicked that harassing spirit out of our Bible study conference room which was causing problems that could not be explained. We were able to finally listen to an INCREDIBLE sermon from PTR JEAN (SA)entitled "STOP KIDDING YOURSELF!" which talked about how many so called Christians are fooling themselves right to HELL! The word of God states that it is not what you are called but how you live your life and you can not live it for the Lord unless you SURRENDER ALL to God and be a follower of Christ! Listen now by simply clicking here (http://EmailLargeFile.com/d/DKE3Y3FQAGE).  

This Saturday 2/26/2011 PTR JEFF QUEEN, PPATWs Pres will hold an OPEN MIKE session which will include EVERYONE, He will teach, preach and ask questions pertaining to his message entitled "BE ALL THAT GOD REQUIRES - BE MEN AND WOMEN OF INTEGRITY" it is guaranteed that this passionate man of God, being filled and led by the Holy Spirit, will deliver an awesome message that we all need to hear especially in this fallen world full of lies, deception and false hoods. Learn how to not only say that you are Christian but live up to what that means according to the word of God. Learn to walk, think and live the life that God calls "righteous" not by our means but by His. WE CAN AND WILL GIVE GOD GLORY EVERYDAY!!! If we take His help, there is NOTHING that we can not do for our AWESOME LORD IN HEAVEN!!! 

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday at 8:30 AM (CST USA), 5:30 PM (Saudi Arabia & UAE), 8:00 PM (INDIA) and 10:30 PM (PHILIPPINES) which will be held in PPATWs chat/conference room (http://members.conferencetm.com/conference,ppatw). There is no need to make any more excuses, come and join us and feel the fire for the Lord and join us to be ALL THAT WE CAN BE FOR HIM AND THRU HIM!!! Be there and be blessed! www.ppatw.com

Monday, February 21, 2011


There are individuals who have been going to church for many years and seem to be respectable people on the outside but are still going to hell simply because their heart is not right with God. You also have those who have been going to church for many years and they are still babies in Christ simply because they are not willing to surrender their all to grow in Him. Any one can say Jesus I accept you as my savior but ultimately it comes down to how your heart is and then how you live your life (ROMANS 10:9). Jesus can be your savior but IS HE THE LORD OF YOUR LIFE? Salvation is free but to be a disciple requires surrendering to Him! www.ppatw.com

Thursday, February 17, 2011


What if you were told that there is within a certain item the answer to ALL of your problems and that also within this same item is a guarantee for JOY, PEACE and LOVE. What if you were told that the secret to living in eternity in a place of untold beauty, where there is no pain and no evil, and it is the very same item? Guess what there is such an item and it is GOD’S LIVING WORD JESUS CHRIST!!! PPATW had a powerful gathering of Christian soldiers from 7 countries in the chat\conference room ( http://tinyurl.com/288arzc ) listening to the God’s anointed message from Ptr. JD HARGAVE of Jeremiah Ministries and also an elder and GENERAL MANAGER of PPATW. His message entitled "PUTTING THOSE THINGS BEHIND ME" was so powerfully preached by this passionate man of God. It was about freedom and restoration from ALL past hindrances, yokes and bondages so that we can live, love and are all that God has ordained for us to be through Christ! Listen for yourself ( http://tinyurl.com/4n2fh5m ).
Get ready for yet another POWERFUL and DYNAMIC preach and teach from Ptr. Jean from (SA) who will open the eyes of those who think they are fooling somebody by saying they are a Christian but not following Christ. Her message is entitled, "QUIT KIDDING YOURSELF" wow! This will scare and wake up many. It will be this Saturday February 19, 2011 at 8:30 AM CST (USA), 5:00 PM (Saudi Arabia), 8:00 PM (India) and 10:30 PM (Philippines) Remember all Bible studies are recorded and the lesson, audio link and power point are on the website's ONLINE BS PAGE with the archives of previous lessons as well. Coming soon will be the "PPATW INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINE" ministry which will be the same Bible study but available to anyone who has a cell phone or land line LIVE from anywhere in the world!!! We challenge you to daily surrender your all to Jesus and to spend quality time in His presence and in His word and as always Be Holy Spirit Filled and Led!!! www.ppatw.com

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Why are we such in a hurry to find that man or woman of our dreams who we believe is the answer to our problems? Are we prepared to deal with their problems when we ourselves are in no condition to even deal with our own problems? What makes us believe that the person who we think we know will be able to help us and love us and be with us forever? Is it possible that we are being deceived into believing in an instant love that will cure problems that took years to create? What if we spend more time with the creator of love, sex, and marriage, who happens to be our Father in heaven and learn from Him, what is love, and how to love and be loved. Let us allow Him to find for us that man or woman of Him who will be there no matter what until the end!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Speaking of true love, we need to wait upon the Lord for that person and learn from God what His definition of love is. It is so different from how this world defines it for it is true love as opposed to false love. Almost every day, we hear many prayer partners from the website and from our yahoo messenger ministry how so many are confused, depressed and perplexed as to their relationship with a man or woman who they love but are having problems with getting love back. Do we truly understand God's principles on proper dating and relationships? Let us not be in a hurry in finding our mate but instead establish our personal relationship with the Father who is the Maker of love. Remember Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…” because all other things will just follow if we put Him first. Pray for that mate but never let that desire steal your time, dedication, and passion to grow more in the Lord! www.ppatw.com