Friday, August 26, 2011


It had to be one of the most powerful Bible studies ever and it was the preview of PPATW's Friday Youth Jam for Jesus. The Head of the Youth Jam sis Kezziah was so full of the Holy Spirit and delivered such a powerful message that EVERY TRUE CHILD OF GOD needs to hear. The title of her message was, "THE VOICE OF TRUTH" and her proclamation was loud and clear that we as the called ones of the living God do not need to be afraid of anything as a matter of fact it is SATAN who is afraid that we will come to understand the power and authority we have in Jesus to grow and overcome all in His mighty name and in the awesome power of His blood. Satan does not want, TRUE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST to know that it is He that fears us, understanding the power we have living in faith according to the word of God and joining together as powerful soldiers and ambassadors of Jesus Christ. We serve a limitless God so there is no limitation when it comes to what God can do and will do through those who surrender all to His glory to be used by Him for the building of His kingdom right here on earth. To hear and see this powerful message click here http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/2760692 
Again we want to remind all of the PPATW Online Bible study which is every Saturday which features different teachers and preachers on many different and important subjects that are needed to fully understand and recognize your heritage in Christ and starting September 1 we will be starting a NEW POWERFUL PROGRAM in the Holy Tabernacle called CELL GROUP LEADERS CLASS. It will be every Thursday at 830am USA (CT), 430pm (SA), 8pm (IN) and 930pm (PHIL). Our Director of Evangelism will be teaching the class with other teachers and preachers from ALL around the globe and it will feature G12 lessons on how to select disciples and how to build up your cell to be "AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST". There will also be classes later on by Ptr. Jeff Queen our powerful leader and co founder of PPATW about how to become mighty "SOLDIERS FOR THE LORD”. There will be homework every week also the cells will be sent on evangelism missions in their area and there will be a  video camera for each cell to tape the events and supplies such as t-shirts and caps and bibles, tracts and business cards all furnished by PPATW and to be used for evangelizing and witnessing to ALL. 
We are so blessed to have Ptr. Sunny from India do the teaching this week and be prepared for another passionate lover of Christ being filled with the Holy Spirit to teach a lesson entitled "ARE YOU WILLING TO GO OUT AND PREACH?". This Saturday 08/27/2011 at 830am USA (CT), 430pm (SA), 8pm (IN) and 930pm (PHIL) in the Holy Tabernacle click here http://members.conferencetm.com/conference,ppatw . This message is meant to challenge you, are you doing enough for the Lord? In this powerful teaching Ptr. Sunny will compare the New Testament explosive beginning of the body of Christ and today. He will point out and question why the body of Christ is so lukewarm and unexcited when it comes to our Love, Life and Service for the Lord. Why are there so many churches but so few who are willing to take the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets where it is needed! We look forward to seeing you there NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY OR FAITH just as long as you love the Lord with all of your heart, soul and mind and are seeking an intimate relationship with Him! Be there and be blessed! www.ppatw.com

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