Thursday, February 17, 2011


What if you were told that there is within a certain item the answer to ALL of your problems and that also within this same item is a guarantee for JOY, PEACE and LOVE. What if you were told that the secret to living in eternity in a place of untold beauty, where there is no pain and no evil, and it is the very same item? Guess what there is such an item and it is GOD’S LIVING WORD JESUS CHRIST!!! PPATW had a powerful gathering of Christian soldiers from 7 countries in the chat\conference room ( http://tinyurl.com/288arzc ) listening to the God’s anointed message from Ptr. JD HARGAVE of Jeremiah Ministries and also an elder and GENERAL MANAGER of PPATW. His message entitled "PUTTING THOSE THINGS BEHIND ME" was so powerfully preached by this passionate man of God. It was about freedom and restoration from ALL past hindrances, yokes and bondages so that we can live, love and are all that God has ordained for us to be through Christ! Listen for yourself ( http://tinyurl.com/4n2fh5m ).
Get ready for yet another POWERFUL and DYNAMIC preach and teach from Ptr. Jean from (SA) who will open the eyes of those who think they are fooling somebody by saying they are a Christian but not following Christ. Her message is entitled, "QUIT KIDDING YOURSELF" wow! This will scare and wake up many. It will be this Saturday February 19, 2011 at 8:30 AM CST (USA), 5:00 PM (Saudi Arabia), 8:00 PM (India) and 10:30 PM (Philippines) Remember all Bible studies are recorded and the lesson, audio link and power point are on the website's ONLINE BS PAGE with the archives of previous lessons as well. Coming soon will be the "PPATW INTERNATIONAL PHONE LINE" ministry which will be the same Bible study but available to anyone who has a cell phone or land line LIVE from anywhere in the world!!! We challenge you to daily surrender your all to Jesus and to spend quality time in His presence and in His word and as always Be Holy Spirit Filled and Led!!! www.ppatw.com

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