Tuesday, May 24, 2011


If you read the word of God it tells us not to put any gods before Him. If your job, friends, family, material things, etc. take so much more of your time then it is considered a god (small g). Our Father loves us so intimately. He’s not one who He sits on a throne and dictates to us what He wants. He is actively involved in our lives. He could easily make us do whatever if He wills. He needs nothing from us for He is everything but He wants ALL of our love and He wants to be FIRST in our life. He is so powerful and awesome but do you know that He hurts when even one of His sheep is lost or on the wrong path? He wants us to fear Him not for what He can do to us if He is angry but rather for His majesty and greatness. Let’s get involved with not making excuses as to why we can’t but rather start thinking yes we can thru Christ!www.ppatw.com

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