Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thank you Lord for your help with the advertising and promotions of the new program of Holy Spirit power which is PPATW's CGLC (Cell Group Leaders Class). It is incredible to be in a classroom environment online to learn how to be an awesome representative of Christ and to plant seeds of salvation. Our instructor Ptr Jean from Saudi Arabia is so excited to be used by God to teach this class to all using the G12 methods of Evangelism. She teaches not only how to be an Ambassador for Christ but how to find others who are also like yourself truly wanting to be sowers. Last weeks class entitled, "MINISTERING BY ANOINTING" was taught with passion and power hear now for yourself http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/2787434 We have an surprise for this week on Thursday 9/29 at 730am CST (USA), 330pm (SA), 7pm (IND) and 830pm (PHIL), we will have a guest teacher and a mighty man of God for Evangelism from the country of Singapore, Ptr KELVIN LIM. This man is known in many countries as a powerful teacher and preacher focusing on spreading the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.   

We are asking all to please join us in prayer as PPATW is being attacked again by the evil one due to our advances for the lost souls through our intensified mailing programs where we will be soon mailing to millions PPATW's Christ centered materials and due to our new on line programs of Holy Spirit power (CGLC & BS) where we teach how to win souls for the Lord and how to be a slave to His righteousness. We have many of the staff who are sick and going through difficult times but we thank the Lord for not only being there with us but giving us incredible joy and power to overcome all. We praise Him because we have agitated the devil and will continue to step on the head of any demonic presence in our way as we march victoriously for our Savior, Lord, Groom, King and EVERYTHING JESUS! Especially please lift up in prayer our VP Bro Gary who is battling pneumonia for the 2nd time and lets all join hands spiritually claiming healing and restoration by the mighty name above all names JESUS CHRIST and in the power of His blood which was shed on the cross for our sins.   

There is only one word to define the teaching we received from Ptr Carmelo from the Philippines and that is DEEP! His lesson entitled, "WHO AM I LORD" was about our true identity which should be Jesus Christ, hear this lesson now http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/2789679  Ptr Carmelo taught us that too many of us seek identity in our pastors, church and in things or people of this world when it is our Lord who holds our true identity if we are truly His children. We are blessed to have PPATW's Prayer Intercessor Sis Ruth who is from India as our teacher in this weeks Bible Study. Come to the Holy Tabernacle http://members.conferencetm.com/conference,ppatw at 830 CST (USA), 430pm (SA), 8pm (IND) and 930pm (PHI) and enjoy the presence of the Lord. Be there and be blessed! www.ppatw.com 

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