Monday, November 22, 2010


Did it ever occur to you that your blessings are meant for someone? All good things come from God above but don't forget that all things of this universe have one purpose and that is to give glory to the ALMIGHTY. Oftentimes God gives to us so we can give to others. There is unspeakable joy when God uses us to be the answer of someone’s needs! The Scriptures tell us it is better to give than to receive (ACTS 20:35). Each one of us has special gifts and talents (ROMANS 12:6) given to us from our Father meant for His glory yet some use it for selfish reasons. Think about how we can use our blessings from God (money, talents, experience, and time) to help those who truly need it. Isn't that what Christ did and isn't that who we represent? What better way to witness to others than to give ourselves what God gave to us first! http://www.ppatw.com/

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