Friday, December 9, 2011


Hallelujah to the Lamb and to our Precious Lord and Savior for a fresh and victorious week ahead of us! Praise the Lord for PPATW and its weekly activities! We have a lot to thank about and one of that is the awesome Cell Group Leaders Class (CGLC) we had last Thursday delivered by our very own President, Ptr. Jeff Queen, from USA. Last week’s topic “WHY DO WE WITNESS?” ( http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/119764714 ) was powerful going deep to the importance of sharing the gospel and reaching out for more souls and gather them at the feet of our Father. The Kingdom of God is near and there is urgency in the need for people to hear the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness to those who are still wandering and are lost. The class is very helpful in equipping ourselves through the Holy Spirit as ambassadors of Christ representing Him in our friends and in the different activities we do every day! This Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 7:30am CT (USA), 3:30pm (SA), 7:00pm (IND), and 8:30pm (PHIL & CH), Bro. Enoch Procianos from Philippines will teach us a fresh lesson from the Word of God that will encourage each one in our spiritual walk with God. You don’t want to miss this incredible teaching so please join us as we feed our spiritual beings with the Word of God!

Always our Lord is faithful and has answered our prayer. We at PPATW have asked our Father for elders to help with the heading of the new Departments of the Ministry which He will use to broaden our territories for His glory and to also help with the mentoring and raising of leaders within our powerful and passionate staff who we believe to be this world's future pastors, missionaries and evangelist. Ptr. Girlie from the Philippines will be joining the Heads of Ministry of PPATW along with Ptr. Jeff, Bro Gary, Ptr. Jeanne and Sis Milagros. Just wait till you hear this incredible woman of God teach and preach. We know that this Holy Spirit filled woman warrior for the Lord will be a dynamic addition to this already awesome group of Leaders for the Lord.

Indulge in God’s love and rise to greater heights by starting the day right by going to your knees and surrendering yourself to the Most High! Sis Ruth Noel, PPATW Prayer Intercessor who hailed from India, delivered through the Holy Spirit a powerful message entitled, “MY SAVIOR'S LOVE” ( http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/119764717 ) last Saturday in our weekly Bible Study that pierced our hearts realizing how God loves us so much dearly and intimately. He gave up everything including the very life of His Son Jesus Christ that we may have eternal life. He cares for each one of us and whatever pain and agony you are going through right now, He sees and cares for you and want you to come to Him and experience His tender love! So again, come join us this Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 8:30am CST (USA), 4:30pm (SA), 8:00pm (IND) and 9:30pm (PHIL & CH) for another powerful and life changing fellowship filled with the Holy Spirit as we worship the One True Living God! Sis Katy from Philippines will take the lead in sharing the Word of God with a titled message “YOU ARE GOD’S REASON THIS CHRISTMAS” which is a timely must-hear lesson for all of us this Holiday Season! Experience the presence of the Lord with us this Saturday as we revere, bow and worship the Emmanuel with other brethren all around the globe! Be there and be blessed! www.ppatw.com

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