Thursday, December 1, 2011


Rejoice in the Lord always and again we say rejoice! PPATW has a lot to rejoice about and one of that is the powerful Cell Group Leaders Class (CGLC) we had last Thursday delivered by our very own Director of Evangelism, Ptr. Jeanne Espere from Saudi Arabia! Last week’s topic “OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS” ( http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/119760514 ) was exceptional and we learned a lot from the life of Zacchaeus who seized the day for that exceptional opportunity and did everything in his might just to see Jesus in Jericho! He defied the law of the land and was not mindful what people would think about him. That day Zacchaeus only cared for his longing to see Jesus and gave up his dignity in front of a mocking crowd. In that course of day, he was reunited with the Lord and it ended with a joyful fellowship with Jesus, amen! This Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 7:30am CT (USA), 3:30pm (SA), 7:00pm (IND) and 8:30pm (PHIL & CH), Ptr. Jeff Queen, our President from USA will teach us a fresh lesson from the Word of God entitled, “LETTING THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAK THROUGH YOU! that will encourage each one in our spiritual walk with God. You don’t want to miss this incredible teaching so please join us as we feed our spiritual beings with the Word of God!

Win the day in prayer and through reading and meditating the Word of God! Sis Cherlita Sulague, PPATW Executive Head, delivered through the Holy Spirit a powerful message entitled, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD” ( http://sermon.net/ppatw/sermonid/119760517 ) last Saturday in our weekly Bible Study that taught us exceptional points in our Spiritual walk with the Father. Indeed we serve a limitless God and He can turn impossible things to doable ones only when we allow His power to work on us and through us! If you are in a situation right now that is too difficult for you to bear and it weakens your heart and your faith, then go straight to God! Develop this habit to pray, fast and wait upon the Lord and see how the Lord will attend to your cause and show you great and mighty things which thou knowest not! So again, come join us this Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 8:30am CST (USA), 4:30pm (SA), 8:00pm (IND) and 9:30pm (PHIL & CH) for another powerful and life changing fellowship filled with the Holy Spirit as we worship the One True Living God! Sis Ruth Noel, PPATW Prayer Intercessor who hailed from India, will take the lead in sharing the Word of God with a titled message “MY SAVIOUR'S LOVE" which is a must-hear lesson for EVERY ONE out there believer or not! Experience the presence of the Lord with us this Saturday as we bow and worship our Lord and Savior with other brethren all around the world! Be there and be blessed! www.ppatw.com

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