Thursday, February 2, 2012


The sad thing is that it is usually family and friends will be negative and positive things happening in your life as far as you making a 100% commitment to God. They will tell you to just go to church and read is enough but it isn’t! There are souls out there that need to know Jesus! God needs you to tell them! God will help you to represent Him, if you submit and surrender to Him. People should know without a doubt that you are a Christian simply by the way you behave in the office or around them. If they don’t then there is a serious problem that you need to change through Christ now! It may be unfair for the unsaved  focus on you because you stand up for your beliefs and of course it would be better for them to concentrate on Jesus but we are His ambassadors which is the easiest way for them to come to know Christ through us. www.ppatw.com

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