Thursday, February 2, 2012


Have you ever heard the word of God and felt goose bumps on your arms because you know that the word was straight from God and it made an @impact on your life. This was the feeling many received and confessed as Sis Milagros from the Philippines taught her powerful lesson called, “KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD!” Last week PPATW's VP Bro Gary taught one of the most powerful lessons on Spiritual Warfare but this lesson covered the Kingdom of Satan vs the Kingdom of God, and we all know that Satan is a defeated foe. Click here http://ppatw.sermon.net/sermonid/119811543 to hear this inspiring lesson now! Sis Milagros, being filled with the Holy Spirit boldly spoke on the attempt of Satan to hide His own fear of God's children realizing the power and authority in the mighty name of JESUS. This Thursday 2/2/12 at 7am (USA) CST, 4pm (SA), 630pm (IND) and 9pm (PHI) Ptr Girlie will give her 1st lesson in PPATW's Holy Tabernacle and be prepared to truly be empowered as this passionate lover of Christ surrenders to the Lord to be used to teach and preach.

We at PPATW are here to raise LEADERS FOR THE LORD and we do that by developing them into being speakers and teachers and working to spread the good news about Christ through our mailing and promotional Depts. We also encourage and develop our staff by getting them involved in other ministries such as PPATW feeding ministries and PPATW businesses whose sole purpose is to witness to many about the saving power of Christ and how even though their problems seem hopeless there is hope in JESUS! We ask our staff to come and participate in 3 on line programs of Holy Spirit power which is the BS (Bible Study) series, the YJFJ (Youth Jam for Jesus) and the CGLC (Cell group Leaders Class). Please join us and participate as we seek the presence of the Lord!

Our General Manager Sis Che gave an awesome message entitled, "WOMEN OF FAITH" as she illustrated the life of Esther and how she went from being an orphan to being the Queen of a powerful country and even saved the lives of her people the Israelites due to God's favor. Sis Che gave incredible examples and tied it in to today's women of God and how they should concentrate on being humble, meek and most of all submissive to those who are appointed heads in their lives. Many women today do not accept the role given by God and therefore are unsuccessful in areas of their life but our Father is a God of order and He knows what’s best as far as how we are to live and serve. Listen to this message now http://ppatw.sermon.net/sermonid/119812286 !  This Saturday 2/4/12 Sis Iris who is a staff member from the Philippines will be teaching for the 1st time and we are all excited because this young woman warrior is growing so fast spiritually as she surrenders her all to Jesus. She is the daughter of sis Milagros PPATW's missionary and Head of Ministry in the Dept of Ministry Partners. Both the BS and the YJFJ will be held in the Holy Tabernacle and here is the link, http://members.conferencetm.com/conference,ppatw . Please join us as we sing, pray, praise and testify all about the goodness of our Groom JESUS! Be there and be blessed! www.ppatw.com

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