Wednesday, May 11, 2011


END TIMES ARE HERE AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Tomorrow is not promised. Were we Christ-like today? Did our actions speak louder than our words? Did we let His light shine? How many did we speak to about Christ this week? Are we spending quality time with the Father and in His word every day? Are we praying without ceasing? Are we crucifying the flesh and renewing our mind? Are we walking in the Spirit? Are our family members saved yet? Are we still praying for ourselves first? Do we not see that many are in chains of slavery to sin and begging for what we have which is Jesus? Have we fed the poor? Visited the sick? Talked to those in prison? Are we fasting? Tithing? Are we involved in our church's ministries? Peter denied Christ three times but every time we don’t stand up for Him or represent Him it is a DENIAL! www.ppatw.com

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