Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Sharing of God's Word: (October First Week)


Paul explains that we are no longer slaves to the law but adopted sons and daughters living under grace through Jesus Christ. He also gives examples of the fruits of the Holy Spirit which is the Christian character of ALL TRUE children of God as opposed to those who demonstrate the works of the flesh and none of them shall inherit the kingdom of God. Lastly Paul reminds us to uplift and encourage and even admonish but to do all in the spirit of meekness for what we sow is what we shall reap and not to grow weary because in due season we shall reap our reward. 


No good works which we do will get us into heaven it is only by Gods goodness and grace through Jesus and we have to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us  and lead us as far as living for God that through our own effort we will fail. Lastly Paul states that with each other we are not to judge but to love and to do all in humbleness. 

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