Thursday, September 9, 2010


Thank you Lord for your favor with PPATW! We have added two new staff members on board, Sis Nelgin (PHIL) and Sis Pilar (USA). These young women of God are passionately in love with our Father, seeking both intimacy and boldness for Him through our Savior, our Groom, our King and our EVERYTHING Jesus Christ! Sis Nelgin will be an administrator in the Promotion Dept. and will work with Pastor Jean (Saudia Arabia) in the Prayer Intercessory Department. Sis Pilar will be a staff writer. We have also added another ministry partner Pastor Carmelo (PHIL) along with Sis Milagros (PHIL), Sis Lizbeth (PHIL) and Bro Sunny (INDIA) where we support financially and materials for these soldiers who daily spread the gospel of Jesus in their ministries. We want to also thank YOU for your prayers and support. Let's give Jehovah a big HALLELUJAH!!!

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