Saturday, September 18, 2010

PPATW Online Bible Study Tonight

Life is full of choices everyday! YOU can choose to either live your life your way or surrender it to God. You can choose to give Him part it or give Him all. You can choose to be a Christian how and when you want to, or you can choose to live for Jesus EVERYDAY! We invite you to be there in PPATW's Bible Study entitled "365 for JESUS". Bro Jeff through the leading of the Holy Spirit and through God’s incredible Word will show us how to be strong men and women of Jehovah EVERYDAY no matter what obstacle is ahead! Come and join us by adding ppatw1@yahoo.com in your yahoo messenger and be online on September 18, 9am (Central USA), 10pm (PHIL), and 5pm (SAUDI ARABIA). Be there & be blessed!

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